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22nd Annual Covert Ops Training Seminar

August 7 - 11, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

A new and advanced five day training program for law enforcement officers who supervise and participate in covert undercover investigations. The course is specifically designed to provide officers with a comprehensive knowledge of undercover techniques and methods they can employ to safely plan and manage covert investigations.  This program changes every year in our effort to bring you the latest information about covert operations. All of the presenters have been involved in covert operations for many years.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This advanced training is updated annually and designed for law enforcement officers who participate in undercover investigations. Managers who supervise such operations will find the course particularly focused on matters relating to their day to day activities.

Why Should I Attend This Course?

Officers who participate in covert operations are not born with the talents needed to perform effectively in undercover situations. These talents are developed from experience, hard work and training. You will learn the techniques and tactics necessary to compliment your present undercover experience. Many times this is what makes the difference between success or failure and safety or injury.

Program Overview

Covert Operations

Undercover Reverses

Mexican Drug Cartels

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Emerging Drug Trends

Undercover Risk Analysis

Undercover Training Issues

Street Level Buys and Reverses

Undercover Psychological Case Study

Recruitment and Proper Handing of Informants

Human Trafficking - Prostitution - Internet Prostitution

Investigation & Identification of Pirated/Counterfeit Items and Their Links to Organized Crime and Terrorism

Other Topics to be Announced !
 This course is only open to law enforcement officials. Proper identification is required.


GAYLAND HAMMACK - Retired Sergeant with 27 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Gayland has worked 17 years in the field of Special Operations and has supervised Technical Surveillance units. He has been a certified P.O.S.T. instructor since 1987 and was the training coordinator for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has been a Master-Core instructor for the State of Nevada since 1992. He has supervised Task Forces involving D.E.A., F.B.I., B.A.T.F., I.N.S., I.R.S. and U.S. Customs. He has conducted investigations in a number of States, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. He is considered an expert in the field of Covert Operations, Electronic Surveillance and Money Laundering. Gayland has provided training to Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

CHARLIE FULLER - Charlie is a retired Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF). He has 27 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in undercover, electronic surveillance, and training. He was a Program Manager at the ATF National Academy for six years where he was responsible for the undercover/field operations training. Charlie is the author of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, the complete "how to work undercover" book. He currently presents undercover, electronic surveillance and physical surveillance training programs nationwide.

DAVE REDEMANN - Detective, Seattle Police Department. Dave is assigned to a special undercover investigation for the Seattle Police Department and other Federal agencies which has been in operation for almost a year. Dave worked a four year deep undercover investigation and has been involved in undercover operations for most of his 19 years of law enforcement experience. He has designed and presents an 80 hour Basic and Advanced Undercover School for the State of Washington and Seattle PD, where he developed his reputation as a skilled instructor.

PAT FIELDING Pat is a Detective with a large Police Department in Nevada, and has over 23 years of law enforcement experience.  Pat has been assigned to several narcotics, gang and criminal intelligence units, including a HIDTA group, FBI Task Force, DEA Methaphetamine Task Force and a Club Drug Task Force.  Pat has worked undercover for 20 years investigating narcotics, money laundering, arms and explosives dealers, auto theft rings and storefront operations.  Pat is an acknowledged expert in Mexican Drug Cartels.

JIM ORR - A retired law enforcement Sergeant with many years of investigative experience (Narcotics & Gangs).  Jim is a Retained Investigator and Anti-Piracy Trainer for the Recording Industry Association of America and many major brand owners of intellectual properties.  Jim has trained over 8,000 local, state and federal officers and has conducted and assisted with many piracy investigations.  He is a court recognized expert and has a 99.99% conviction rate.

Other Instructors to be Announced

Registration Information

Registration fee for the five day training program is $495.00 per person, if pre-paid or paid at registration.  If your department has to be invoiced after the start of the course, the tuition cost is $550.00.  We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard.  Group discounts are also available.  Tuition cost includes the cost of the instruction, handout materials and certificate of completion.  All checks or purchase orders must be made payable to The International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUO). For further information, call Gayland Hammack at 702-379-5769 or Charlie Fuller at 912-242-6000. 

Attendance is limited. Register early to insure your participation.

Training Site

The training program will be presented in the Conference Center, Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Classroom hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM; and Friday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  For further information, call Charlie Fuller @ 912-242-6000 or Gayland Hammack @ 702-379-5769.  You can also e-mail questions to

Hotel Accommodations

The Flamingo Hotel, 3555 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 has arranged a special rate of $99 for this conference.   For reservations go online at before July 7, 2017, and use Booking Code "SFITT7" to obtain this rate.  You can also book by telephone at 702-733-3111, however there is a $15 charge for booking via telephone.


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